Remission Inn - Riverside, California

Mission Statement:

Our philosophy behind the creation of Remission Inn is grounded in the belief that the availability of a safe, secure, drug and alcohol free, family oriented environment is an essential component of a 12-step based recovery program.
Our goal is to provide a supportive, structured and quality environment for men who are committed and active in their sobriety. We believe that a person's self esteem is strongly influenced by his immediate surroundings, and with this in mind, Remission Inn is dedicated to providing the very finest in sober living.


Built in 1895, our lovely old Victorian home is located in the Historic District of beautiful downtown Riverside. We are within walking distance to social services, court house, the Recovery Opportunity Center, grocery store, central bus depot and central train station.

Coalition Member:

Riverside Sober Living Coalition

Remission Inn is a member of the Riverside County Sober Living Coalition who, in coordination with the Sober Living Network, has adapted a quality control approach for sober living houses. Each home in the coalition is actively peer reviewed annually to certify that it meets health, safety and management requirements.


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